IETE ALCCS Advanced Java and Internet Technology Papers


The internet was first introduced in the nineties for the general public. Since then it has indeed come a long way. Today we cannot even imagine our lives without internet. It is not just a medium of communication but also a medium of education. It is an enormous storehouse of knowledge and thus very important. The students pursuing this subject have a very bright future.

Importance of the paper

Internet is a work of many computer software languages. But the most common of them all are the THML and the DHTML and the Java. Thus this paper not only deals with the idea of the internet and its management but at the same time it goes right to the roots. It also deals with the designing of the web pages.


The paper format followed by IETE ALCCS Advanced Java and Internet Technology Papers in the old scheme is the short questions and long questions that need to be answered accordingly keeping in mind the weightier of it.

Paper pattern

The IETE ALCCS Advanced Java and Internet Technology Papers consist of seven questions in all. The first question is compulsory and the candidate taking the exam is free to choose any four from the rest of the questions.


The total mark of the question paper is 100. The first question carries 28 marks and is compulsory to answer. The rest of the questions have their marks indicated against them in brackets.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions asked may be like

What is HTML? Discuss about frameset and frame tag of HTML.

What is XML? Discuss about its uses.

What is cascading style sheet? Why it is useful in web page design?

Explain the Applet Tag used in HTML and attribute used in Applet Tag.

What are remote objects?  How can you use them?

Explain the purpose / use of the following classes:

(I)   Driver Manager

(ii)  Result Set

What is a served?  Why are they used?  List any four interfaces defined in javax.servlet.

Time allotted

The candidate is given 3 hours to complete the entire paper.

Recommended books

The most popular books used by the students are the “Byte me by George Hayduke and Cashing in with content by David Meermann Scott”.

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