IGNOU Diploma in Civil Engineering-Theory of Structures - II Papers


The Indira Gandhi National Open University Civil Engineering Papers are prepared keeping in mind that the candidates taking the exam are expected to understand the different structural enforcements employed to hold them in place. In the various architectural structures like the bridges and the major social monuments the strength plays a very important role and the civil engineers need to ensure the security of the people and make sure that the specifications of that particular structure as per the load it is expected to withstand is in the proper limits.

Importance of the paper

The IGNOU holds this paper at the elementary levels of the civil engineering course and it is rather taken seriously by the aspiring engineers. The fact that it is one of the foundation courses of the discipline of civil engineering makes it even more important. It is very important for the long lasting structures that are built with proper specifications and are not likely to fall to accidents or hazardous incidents.


The maximum marks that can be scored in the Theory of Structures - II Paper is 70 which is distributed according to the questions i.e. whether a question is subjective or objective type marks are allotted according to that.

Paper pattern

A student can get at the maximum 8 questions, but will have to write only 5 answers. The question is a mandatory question for all the candidates. They have to answer 1st question and any 4 questions of their choice from the rest.


All the questions have been given equal weightage i.e. 70/5= 14.

Time allotted

You will be getting not more than 2 hours to complete your 5 answers.

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    Theory of structure for fourth semester

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    A continuous beam abcd is simply supported over 3 spans such that ab=8m,bc=12m,cd=5m.It carries udl of 40kN/m in span ab 30kN/m in span bc &60 kN/m in span cd.Find the moment oveq the supports b&c and draw bm and sf diagrams. EI is constant for both spans.