Mumbai University BE in Computer Science 3rd Sem Discrete Structures and Graph Theory Papers


One cannot think of many Universities that have been excellent right from the start in providing the students with value based education. This is the best university to pursue various courses. Engineering faculty here is excellent and B.E offered by the university is impeccable. During the third semester of computer science, discrete structure and graph theory have to be learned.

Review of the subject

To computer science students, there are few other subjects of prime importance as this one. It deals with different programming structures and the graphs associated with it. This is a subject with a lot of theoretical and practical applications and is very important for those who are in the research field. The subject has to be learned thoroughly as it is the base of many other subjects in the coming semesters.

Trend of the question paper

The questions in the paper do not contain any objective questions. The questions are contained in four different sections.  The first section has to be answered by all compulsorily. All the questions in the section have to be answered. Out of the nine questions in Section B, six have to be answered. Thirteen have to be answered from twenty questions in section c. Three out of five have to be answered from section D.

Maximum marks and time allotment

The paper carries a total of 100 marks and 35 are to be scored to pass the paper. 180 minutes are allotted for answering the requisite questions.

Areas covered by syllabus

The following areas are covered by the syllabus:

  • Propositional logic
  • Graph theory
  • Hasse diagram and lattices
  • Venn diagrams
  • Posets

Books to be referred

The following books will help you to score good marks:

  • Discrete Mathematical Structure with Application CS by Trembley, J.P & Manohar
  • Discrete Mathematics and its applications by Kenneth H. Rosen
  • Combinatorics Theory & Application by Krishnamurthy V
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