IGNOU MBA Economic and Social Environment Papers


A two year program in Economic and Social Environment is offered by IGNOU. The duration of the course is two years and the exam for the same is held at the end of the term. The exam is of three hours and the candidate is expected to write a paper of 100 marks. There are alternatives with the questions to facilitate attempting only those questions which the candidate is sure of.

The first part will mainly have questions on topics like the legal and political environment of business and their impact. A question on Indian economic development is also asked. Therefore, it is important that the candidate has firsthand knowledge of what is happening at the market front. The candidate is also expected to know a great deal about reform policies and industrial growth.

In the following section, there is a case study provided. It is a hypothetical situation in a company. The candidate is expected to read, understand and analyze the data given in the text and provide viable solutions to the question at hand. Sometimes, the question asked might just be a discussion on the reason behind a particular situation rather than problem solving.

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