IGNOU Master of Arts Rural Development-Research Methods in Rural Development Papers


The course in rural development is a good course for country like India as the course can make lots of change in this county if it can be discovered properly. The course is taught in very few Universities at present.

What is taught in this paper?

The paper of the rural development contains studies of various steps of changes which should be made in the rural areas, empowerment of women, various issues regarding health and social issues, vaccination etc. The paper is really a good choice for those who are interested in working in social areas.

Importance of Rural development:

The subject of rural development is combined form of study of development of rural areas in social and economic form. The study also involves the involvement of students in the culture of rural areas.

Paper Pattern:

The paper rural development is a subjective one and there are 5 questions in the paper. A candidate is needed to solve all the 5 questions from it and the all questions have its own alternative. The questions are of equal marks and except from 2 questions,all are divided into 2-3 sub-questions. All the questions are of own word limits according to their marks.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in the paper are such as formulation of a research problem, Phenomenology, tool of data collection, writing of a research report, descriptive research, stratified sampling, process of observation, Time Series Design, Characteristics of a good sample, Cluster sampling, Multivariate analysis of quantitative data etc.

Marks and time:

The paper of Rural development is of 100 marks and time given for the paper is 3 hours only. Each question is of 20 marks and each question is divided into 2-3 sub-questions except from 1st 2 questions.

Recommended Books:

  • Research in Rural Sociology and Development by Terry Marsden
  • Rural Development in India Past, Present, & Future by Dr Vasant Desai
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