IGNOU Masters In English British Novel Papers


The IGNOU Masters’ in English British Novel paper is 100 marks paper. The total time limit for the same is three hours. There are a total of five questions to be answered in the paper. There are a lot of alternatives given. All questions carry equal marks. Each question carries 20 marks. The questions in the paper are from the portion itself. Most of the questions deal with analysis of characters in a particular novel and also how the novel depicts the socio economic political arena of its time. There could be questions dealing with distinction between fiction and novel etc.

The main aim of the paper is see whether the examinee can critically evaluate and discuss the various novels and the novelists of the British contemporary as well as ancient novels. Some great writers like James Joyce, Henry James, Charles Dickens, etc. are also discussed. There is also a lot of work done that needs to be analyzed of these great novelists. The paper helps to open avenues of thought in this regard. It is important at this stage that the examinee is able to provide a critique and not a criticism of the works of these authors.

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    critical evoution of british novel

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    2013 papers not yet updated

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    can i get the assignments for meg 5

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    lucky khurana:

    i.m persuing meg correspodence i wanna ask dat a assigmment which i got from ignou will be the syllubus of meg and questions which are in assignment among from those questions will come in exam