It’s the time of year for internships


Today the summer internships are getting much importance. You can see the internship program in a management curriculum as well as in the technical course schedules. The March-April time can consider as the month of internships. Many industries in India look for interns to their firms at this time. And a lot of competition can also be seen among the students. It is like a treasure hunting, who are going to get the best one?

Summer internships

Summer internships

Now for most of the institutions and colleges, summer internship is compulsory. Students are asked to look for the organization in their interested areas and work with them for weeks or even months. The students are appraised on the basis of their report submitted.

But now the attitudes of students toward the internship change a lot. They are not taking it as, just part of the curriculum, but as a door to the get placed in good jobs. Students now are more focused and multi-talented. They are exposed to the various opportunities and know where exactly to reach and what is going to be best option for them. Internship seems to be a short-cut for these students to a successful career. During the time of recruitment, a resume having an industry experience receives much more consideration than the ordinary one.

Why Internships?

There is a huge difference between the theory based classroom discussion and the real working environment. In today’s scenario employers are not ready to spend lot of time in explaining the work life to the freshers. They are expecting that the prospective employees should have a clear understanding of the jobs and the related responsibilities of a particular job. Today’s performance based world the employee matching with the expectation are getting further growth in the industry.

Here these internships are going to play its part. During internships the students should work with an organization as an intern or trainee. This will help them to understand the particular field clearly. It is for sure that internships are different from the text book world. There one can get a chance to apply the theoretical aspects and observe the real implication. Take a media student for instance, during internship he/she can work with a production firm and understand the real technicality behind the movie and production. An internship can be considered as a lab/workshop which is similar to the college or school labs. There you perform the experiments as described in the text book and found out the observations and conclusion. An internship is not so different from that.

Ladder to Success

Ladder to Success

During internship a candidate is experiencing the work-life for a short period of time. At this time he/she can make a choice of the future career life. Some people after internship will understand that this is not the area they want to work for or interested in. For example, a marketing management graduate, the subject and core curriculum seemed to be easy while studying. But when it comes to the real life, management is one of the toughest areas to work-in. Lot of effort should be needed to become a successful person in the management sector. So while internship one can get a real exposure in the area of interest. From the experience you can decide whether to go further in the field or not.

It also provides a chance to know the industry culture and communication process in a particular organization/firm. You will expose to the professional way of approaching the maters. In schools and college we are used with the excuses “I was not well” or “My system has some problem”. But you will understand that it is not going to work in the professional life. You will be opened to the deadline punctuality and targets. For the excellent performer, most of the firms will give a job offer to the students by the end of the internship.

There are many sites and blogs are there to help the students in searching and finding the suitable firms for internship. These sites and blogs will help the students to know the number of intern openings and the needed profiles.

Increased level of competition for internships seekers

In the recent years many students are taking internships in couple of industries and areas. The companies are also effectively looking for the interns. The competition is in both sides. The firms need best talents and the students need reputed organization to work for. Most of the companies announce their opening through the internet portals or the related sites. They offer quality stipend to these interns and treat them in the same way like an employee.

As the number of applicants and the level of competition increases, the companies are forced to design a selection process for the applicant. It will be common for the all applications and mainly contains an aptitude test and an interview round. The interviews mainly assess the student attitude and knowledge in the respective area. The students should well prepare for the test because this will be most probably a first step towards your career.

On campus

This is a new trend among the big corporate and MNCs. The demand for interns increases because of the unpredictable business environment and the lack of right human talents. When new projects are taken most of the IT companies go for interns rather than permanent employees. The best way to find the intern is by visiting the campus and most of the companies have considered this part seriously. This will gave the student to select their preferred company for the internships. Many of the students are also going abroad for the internship work and this will give an added value in their technical profile.

Demand for interns is increasing

Demand for interns is increasing

The internship is a mutually beneficial program for parties, the students and the companies. The students need to utilize the opportunity maximum, no point in taking it lightly. It will help you to identify your area of potential. Most of the institute and Universities offering the internship program in curriculum before they starts the specialization subjects. The aim is to help the student to carefully select the core area and the internship program will help in the decision making process. March your career with a fervent and positive attitude.



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