Textile designer - How to become a textile designer?


Textile designing is a challenging job which requires creativity and skill in making a design .The designs they make can be reproduced repeatedly in textiles and also in carpets, rugs etc. Rapidly growing industry and numerous career opportunities attract many students towards textile designing.

The Education Requirements

The textile designing profession always prefers degree holders. There are numerous institutes offering professional degree in textile designing. The course of study covers the following areas:

  • Knitting
  • Design application in textile industry
  • Weaving
  • Designing using computer software
  • Production and business in textile industry
  • Techniques in Media illustration

The candidates who have graduated in fine arts and fashion designing prove to be successful in textile designing. Masters degree provide training in different areas such as design mechanics, advanced application in computer and design foundation.

The Required Skills

The aspirant needs to be updated with latest technology and trends which help them to produce quality work and design. Those who wish to extend their area of work can learn a foreign language which helps them to understand new culture and style which brings success in the field. They need to be creative and quick in decision making and should provide quality designs and textiles

Popular Practices to Become a Successful textile designer

For a successful career and exposure in textile designing the candidate can opt for internships during their course of studies .This helps them to learn more about the job and industry. Successful candidate will get placed after internships. On job training helps the employees to develop the skill and talent they possess .A quality portfolio including experience and skill is required and should be updated timely. Job opportunities in this sector can be identified through news papers; websites etc. One can enter the field, as intern trainees, assistant textile designer or as a fresher. Textile designing is a part and parcel of the fashion industry and they provide immense opportunity for textile designers to grow and flourish in the field of fashion.

National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, National Institute of Design Ahmadabad, Symbiosis Centre of Design, Pune etc are the famous institutes in India which provides degree in the field of textile designing.



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