Jobs after BHMS


Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery is a course which is in high demand in the field of Homeopathic Medicine. It is an undergraduate level course with course duration of 5 and1/2 years. Out of the total course duration, the initial 4 and ½ years are meant for academic program. The final year is meant for internship. The course study helps aspirants to take up a challenging career in the field of Homeopathy. To get in to public sector jobs the candidate has to go with the selection procedures of the Central or State Government. These professionals can have lot of job opportunities oversees also.

Private Sector jobs after BHMS

The job opportunities that exist in private sector firms are much high when compared with that of public sector. The major employers of these professionals are pharmaceutical Companies, Homeopathic hospitals, and other related firms in Medicine. They can start up their own clinics and can work as freelancers. The salary packages may be low for initial level jobs. This may increase by gaining adequate experience in the job. The main employment areas and the different job profiles are mentioned here.

  • Clinics
  • Charitable Institutions
  • Consultancies
  • Homoeopathic Medicine Store
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Colleges
  • Pharmacies
  • Research Institutes
  • Training Institutes

The different job profiles offered for B.H.M.S degree holders in the above mentioned areas are given here

  • Doctor
  • Consultant
  • Pharmacist
  • Private Practice
  • Researchers
  • Teachers

Government Sector jobs after BHMS

The aspirant has to pass the competition exams carried out by SSC, UPSC etc to get a Central government job in Homeopathic medicine. The candidate has to get through state level competitive exams to get employed in various concerned departments of state government. The professionals can find job openings with Government Homeopathic Dispensaries (GAD) or in government hospitals. They can work in the role of lecturers in government Colleges offering academic courses on the same. Clinical research is another employment area where the candidates can have adequate job opportunities. The BHMS graduates can work in the role of Health specialist also.

Job Prospects abroad after BHMS

Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery offers enough job opportunities outside the country also. Higher educational qualifications in the field increase the proximity to earn a better job abroad. Experience in the area will also help one to obtain a lucrative career abroad. The salary and other additional perks offered to those working abroad are much higher when compared to their Indian counterparts.



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  1. 20

    Hi, m completing BHMS. I wants to know diffrent course after bhms.. Whats d exact admision procedure of upsc? Its syllabus? Scope of same? N job oportunities?

  2. 19

    can any one do allopathy practice after BHMS?
    OR any Courses after BHMS To Do Allopathey Practice?

  3. 18

    I have done BHMS MD Medicine. I have search job in mumbai.
    please guide me.

  4. 17

    Is there any gov job for me.i have 4 yrs of experiance in practice.

  5. 16
    bhavya pandeya:

    what are my job opportunies i have given my 4 yr bhms examination this year only.

  6. 15
    navita mishra:

    gd evng sir/ can i get a govt.job i am doing internship which is to be completed in may 2013 please tell me

  7. 14
    Dr varsha kamble:

    How can i get job in central goverment after bhms md

  8. 13

    Gudmng sir. I have completed bhms can i get a job in govt. after bhms

  9. 12
    Suraj yadav:

    Can A BHMS become drug inspector

  10. 11
    Dr farah naz:

    how can i get job in central government i am doing internship which is to be completed by the end of march 2013 so please tell

  11. 10
    anurag singh:

    how can i get job in central government afterBHMS please tell…

  12. 9
    anurag singh:

    how can i get a job in central government after BHMS,…….please telll

  13. 8
    Rupesh jaiswal:

    After BHMS is there any diploma to do allopathic practice in emergency cases? plz tell me……..

  14. 7
    Dr.Sudipta parida BHMS:

    I have passed my bhms exam in 2010 .I want a Job . Can u help me ?I am waiting for ur valuable ans. from, Dr. Sudipta parida

  15. 6
    dr shweta naiwar:

    kindly send me the presently goverment jobs opening for bhms docter.i am waiting for your valueable response.
    dr shweta naiwar

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    sir, i completed bhms 2010 sir i ask md admission in national.homoeo.medial coll. kal. 2.qus. - and ask after bhms job in pvt.& gov. sactor. thanks .

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    hi.. i completed my b.h.m.s n i want 2 know the scope of health n care clinical reseach n hospital management?.. wt r the job oppurtunity? even basic idea? tel me abt enterance exam.. n collage name

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    hello sir, i have completed my bachelor degree in homoeopathy in 2011….is better to do PG course or attend govt.exams for job…..what are all the exams we can do? and also about the preparation for that exams….

  19. 2
    rizwan shaikh:

    i have completed bhms in 2004 and working in hospital as well as practise homoeopathy , i want to apply job in hospital in united states , is there any opportunity , pls.. guide me withnthe same . thanks…. dr.rizwan shaikh

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    i have completed my bhms course from muhs university with first class in yr 2008 recently i am working as rmo in hospital.
    i am willing to do studies in hospital management or hospital administration course(part/full time/distance ) .can u please suggest me govt/private [reputed ] institutes in mumbai /pune.
    admission procedure ,syllabus ,entrance exam ,important dates fees structures for these courses .i would also like to know some other courses (short term/long term) which will further help me to build great career.please do suggest some details about those too. i will be thankful to receive help from your side .