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Homeopathy is the systematic way of treatment to cure various diseases and Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) is a course offered to students who wish to make a career in Homeopathy. This is an undergraduate course, in which the students need to study for 5 and half years. The 5 and ½ year course is divided into two parts. One is the academic part which extends for 4 and half year and another one year is for internship. After BHMS, there are wide opportunities for graduates. They can opt for future career in many organizations, both government and private in the field of medicine.

Career in Private sector after BHMS

Private sector firms dealing with medicines and pharmaceuticals provide numerous opportunities for young, talented, enthusiastic graduates of BHMS. There are private hospitals and research centres which provide job opportunities. The BHMS graduates with experience can also start institutes in homeopathy. Many private colleges hire graduates in BHMS for various posts.

Some of the career options after BHMS are in

  • Private Medical colleges
  • Insurance
  • Private Practice
  • Research Laboratories
  • Consultancies
  • Homoeopathic Medicine Store
  • Life sciences Industry
  • Pharma industry
  • Healthcare

Government Career after in BHMS

Government of India is spending lot of money for the up liftment of medical institutions in the country. The purpose of these institutions is to serve the public with systematic treatment with Homeopathic Medicines. Government institutions are also hiring many graduates in BHMS to serve the public. These graduates are also paid very high. The qualified graduates in BHMS are recruited as doctors, clinical assistants and professors for various institutions in the public sector. Non government organizations also invite the service of such graduates.

Some of the government sector jobs are as follows:

  • Pharmacist at Government Homeopathic Dispensaries (GAD) & Hospitals
  • Teaching in Government colleges and Homeopathy Institutes after doing B.H.M.S

Career Abroad after BHMS

There are many research institutions abroad which are looking for well educated graduates in BHMS from India. This is because many foreign countries find Indian graduates with good talent and dedication towards the profession. Today every country is concerned about health and ready to spend enough money on this particular field. It will be very easy to get an opportunity in the foreign country, if the students have any additional qualification in the medical field along with BHMS.

Long-term Career roadmap for BHMS

There is a gradual growth in the demand of Homeopathy medicines as more and more people are becoming aware of the side effects of the allopathic medicines. Therefore the Government of India has started many programs for the development of Homeopathy medicines and institutions. There is a huge scope for this in the long run as there are only a small percentage of people in to this field.



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    Dr kanchan sethiya:

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    i want to go for teaching line .can i go after bhms?

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    is there any part time online jobs for homoeo physician, plz guide me. thank you

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    is there any goverment job after bhms

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    Is there any distance course after BHMS