Scope after BHMS


Homeopathy is an effective & safe healing mode of medicinal system. BHMS is an under graduate programme which deals with the comprehensive study of the youngest field of medicine, Homeopathy. The core subjects mainly included in this 5 and ½ year course are Homeopathic Philosophy, Practical Homeopathy, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Homeopathic Prescribing Methods, Homeopathic Therapeutics, Remedies, Law of Similars, Community Medicine, and so on. After the completion of this bachelor’s programme in Homeopathy, the candidates have huge scope both in respect of securing a career as well as for higher studies.

Scope for Higher Studies after BHMS

  • Master of Science in Endocrinology
  • Master of Science in Epidemiology
  • Master of Science in Psychiatry
  • Master of Science in Regenerative Medicine
  • Doctor of Medicine in Hom-Organon of Medicine
  • Doctor of Medicine in Hom-Pharmacy
  • Doctor of Medicine in Hom-Practise of Medicine
  • Doctor of Medicine in Hom-Reprtory
  • Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathic Philosoaphy & organon
  • Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy - Paediatrics
  • Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy - Psychiatry
  • Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy - Repertory
  • Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy
  • Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy - Materia Medica

Other Certification Courses after BHMS

  • Certificate Course in Homeopathic Medicinal System (CHMS)
  • Certificate Course in Electro Homeopathy
  • Certificate Course in Homeopathy (C.Hom)
  • Certificate Course in Clinical Homeopathy
  • Certificate Course in Homeopathy and Health sciences
  • Continuing Homoeopathic Medical Education Program
  • Certificate in Homeopathic Dispensing (CHD)

Career Opportunities after BHMS

There exist a lot of career opportunities for aspirants who have completed their bachelor’s degree in Homeopathy. The BHMS graduates can decide on for the future career in many organizations, both government as well as private in this field of medicine. Homeopathic medicinal system has gained much popularity nowadays among the population. Homeopathic clinical practice is becoming more standardized and also there is a rapid growth of homeopathic pharmaceutical industries. This all have a direct influence on the sudden rise of employment in the field of homeopathy. The BHMS graduates can commence self practice by starting their own clinics or they can work in any of the homeopathic hospitals. They can also work in various Homoeopathic Medicine Stores, Pharmacies, Research Institutes, Training Institutes, Dispensaries, and so on. In these firms, the graduates can work as researcher / pharmacist / doctor / public health specialist / consultant. Those interested in teaching field can look out for a job in various reputed institutions such as National Institute of Homeopathy in Calcutta, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore, University of Health Sciences in Vijayawada, and so on.



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    i got 9772 rank in kerala state neet .will i get a bds seat.i am a oec there any chance to get a bds seat. pls inform me fast…..

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    fazal khan mansoori:

    I complited bhms in 2012.. I want govt. Job in madhya pradesh.

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    How i get goverment job in gujrat and in india aftre bhms.

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    i completed my b.h.m.s in 2012
    i want a govt. job in gujarat

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    which institutes gives MSC Endocrinology courses for BHMS degree holders?

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    Am BHMS DOCTOR WANT job my [email protected]