Jobs after M.Sc in Botany


Master of Science in Botany is a post graduate program which is of 2 years duration. This course aims at providing knowledge about the basic concepts concerning various areas associated with the field of Botany. B.Sc in Botany graduates can choose this course as a higher study option. Aspirants who successfully complete this degree can expect a promising future ahead. These graduates have equal job openings in the Private sector and Government sector. They have good employment opportunities in several foreign countries as well. Several institutes in India and abroad are offering this course.

Private Sector Jobs after M.Sc in Botany

Private sector has several career opportunities for M.Sc in Botany graduates. Some of the fields of employment for aspirants in the field of Botany comprise the following.

  • Drug Companies
  • Fruit Growers
  • Biotechnology Firms
  • Oil Industry
  • Seed Companies

They can also work in any of the following areas as well.

  • Lumber or Paper Companies
  • Nurseries
  • Food Companies
  • Chemical Companies
  • Biological Supply Houses

These people can work in numerous job profiles. They are offered good remuneration as well. They can opt for teaching profession also. They can work in any of the Private sector banks or can undertake research funded by private organisations.

Government Sector Jobs after M.Sc in Botany

Government sector also provides a lot of employment openings for these aspirants. To get placed in any of the Government firm, aspirants have to successfully go through various exams being organized by several Government boards including SSC, PSC and also UPSC. To get placed in any of the Public sector banks they have to clear tests conducted by banks. Below is the list of Government firms where M.Sc in Botany pass outs can get placed.

  • National Park Service
  • Departments of Conservation and Land Management
  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services
  • Public Health Service
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Forest Service

These people have job opportunities in the following areas as well.

  • Departments of Environmental Protection
  • Departments of Agriculture and Water
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Medical Plant Resources Laboratory

Job Prospects Abroad after M.Sc in Botany

Several foreign countries provide platforms for M.Sc in Botany graduates to build up a good career in the field of Botany. Several undertakings functioning abroad demand the service of M.Sc in Botany graduates. They can work in numerous job profiles there. Good remuneration is also offered for these graduates abroad. Several research firms are also available there which enables them to focus on the research area as well.



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