Karnataka Public Service Commission, Anthropology (Paper I) Papers


The subject anthropology deals with the study of various kinds of humans and the evolution in the cultural and social sphere of humans. The subject is basically a combination of humanities, social studies and natural science. The study of anthropology also includes study of var5ious kinds of culture and civilization.

Paper description:

The paper I of the anthropology in Karnataka public service commission deals with the origin and cultural relation of the Homo sapiens in Karnataka. The subject deals with the cultural aspect of the civilization. The study also deals with the factors that affect the mankind and the civilization in the state. The paper has main focus on the evolution that has taken place in the field of civilization in the recent year, since the very first origin. The civilization of various kinds and their origin is also a major attraction of the paper.

Frequently asked questions:

Every year, the Karnataka Public Service Commission-Anthropology Paper I paper has short notes as question no. 1. The short notes should be written within 200. Apart from those questions on cultures and civilization is also quite often asked in the paper. The question regarding social aspects of the civilization and the factors affecting urban as well as tribal civilization also forms a major part of the paper.

Paper pattern:

The question paper is divided in to three major parts, which are Section A, Section b I, and Section B II. Candidates have to answer any 6 question from section A as well as from any one of the Section B (either answer from Section B I or from Section B II).  The question number 1 of section A is compulsory to be answered. Rest 6 can be from any part of the paper.

Full marks and time allotted:

The total marks of the paper are 300 and the time span to answer the paper is 3 hours only.

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