Karnataka Public Service Commission-general Studies (Paper II) papers


Karnataka Public Service Commission is for recruitment in gazetted rank in Karnataka state public and civil sector. This examination provides the state good and committed persons on the higher ranks. This examination is highly prestigious and is known for its higher standard.

Paper Pattern:

The question paper of Karnataka Public Service Commission-general studies is a subjective paper. It consists three sections and every section is divided into sub-sections. Section A consist 3 questions, one is short notes, another are of long answer type. Section B consist 4 questions, Section C consist 10 short answer type questions from 3 groups and candidates have to answer at least 3 from each group.. In every section, questions are divided into sub-parts and have alternative. In the whole paper, word limits are there, e.g. long answers are in 250 words, short answers are in 30 words.

Frequently asked questions:

In this paper, questions asked are Indian history, Indian culture, specially cultures and history of Karnataka, long answers questions on different politicians, Karnataka politics, Indian geography, economical status, also Karnataka’s geographical and economical status, development in the sector of science & technology, questions on different diagrams, stastical analysis, Current questions on Data analysis and SENSEX.

Total marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks in the paper are 300 and time allotted for it is 3 hours. The paper is further divided into three sections, Section A is of 120 marks, Section B is of 150 marks and Section C is of 30 marks.

Recommended Books:

Ancient India by D.D.Kausambi

Indian politics by Lakshmikant

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