Karnataka Public Service Commission Rural Development and Cooperation (Paper I) Papers


The Karnataka Public Service Commission came into being on 18 May, 1951 under the provision of the Constitution. The commission offers services related to the cities and society. It is also one of the leading recruiters in the social as well as the civil service categories within the state of Karnataka.

About the Paper

Rural development has always been the primary concern for any developing nation. The subject offers different kinds of knowledge regarding the change attained and legalized which brings about the development in various villages, districts and outskirts. The main emphasis lies upon the cooperation level of the people and the participation of the people in bringing about those developments.

Question Paper Pattern

The Question Paper is based upon treating students as an individual set to bring about the development in various cooperative portions of the rural district. The question paper comes in two parts paper 1 and paper 2 which are for prelims and finals respectively.

The Paper 1 is divided into two parts the first section and the second section. The questions 1 and 5 are compulsory and the remaining three questions are to be answered from the other sections. Each question carry equal marks and are of long answer type. There may be questions which are of short answers but they appear with choices.

Languages Available

The paper comes in two languages which are English and Kannada.

Time Allotted and Full Marks

The total questions are 5 which are of 60 marks each totaling to 300 marks. The total time allotted is three hours for the completion of the paper.

Syllabus and Books

There are various books which have handful of correct details on rural development and cooperation and some of them are written by S. Munjal. The syllabus covers almost every part required in this curse.

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