Kuvempu University BBM Third Year-Financial Management and Indian Capital Market Papers


The financial management and Indian capital Market papers is an essential paper for the students of Businesses Management combining all the important protocols of business world and implementing the best techniques for optimum market strategies. The best market strategies are to be implemented in all sections of the marketing policies.

Importance of paper:

The paper is a very important one for the students aspiring for the business management and for the successful market strategies to be implemented in the corporate world. There are numerous opportunities for the students and the best strategies are implemented in the marketing world.

Paper Pattern:

Paper contains questions which are segregated in 3 main sections, each section contains different marking scheme in it. The first section of the paper is Section A, and is of 4 questions and 3 questions are needed to be properly and completely answered. Every question that is asked in this section is equal in valuation of their marks. Only 2 questions are to be properly answered out of the 3 asked questions of Section B. Section C has to have 3 questions properly answered from the asked 4 question of this particular section.

Frequently asked questions:

Some topics which more frequently appear in the paper are Capital structure and Four Theories of Capital Structure, Time Value of Money: meaning and Importance, Listing Of Securities, Over The Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) features and objectives, Functioning of Stock Exchanges, Cash Management, Company Law Board, DFHI, Modiglini-millers Approach to Capital structure, Need of Working Capital, Investor, Remedy through courts, Dividend policy and factors affecting dividend policy etc.

Time and marks:

Like all other Kuvempu University BBM papers this paper also has 80 marks for which candidates are given 3 hours duration.

Recommended books:

Financial management by MP Khan

Business Management PK Jain

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