List of companies in Hospitality Sector


The hospitality industry plays a very important role in the service industry. This sector consists of various areas of services which include Lodging, Restaurants, etc. Many fields of Tourism industry are also a part of Hospitality Sector. This sector also comprises of several Theme parks, Transportation industry and also Cruise line. Below is the list of companies in India functioning efficiently in the Hospitality Sector.

List of companies in Hospitality Sector in Northern India

  • Accor Hotels, Haryana
  • ACE Residency, Delhi
  • Ajanta Guest House, Delhi
  • Aman Resorts, Delhi
  • Ambient Hotels & Resorts, Delhi
  • Bird Hospitality Services, Haryana
  • Dalmia Resorts International Pvt Ltd, Delhi
  • Dayal Paradise, Uttar Pradesh
  • Gesture Hotels & Resorts, Delhi
  • Gold Star Hospitality Pvt Ltd, Delhi
  • Incredible Indian Homes, Delhi

List of companies in Hospitality Sector in Southern India

  • Aalankrita, Andhra Pradesh
  • Abad Hotels & Resorts (Abad Group), Kerala
  • Annalakshmi Restaurants, Tamil Nadu
  • Archana Residency, Kerala
  • Ashok Residency, Tamil Nadu
  • Birds Valley Resort, Kerala
  • Breeze Hotel, Tamil Nadu
  • Celebrity Boutique Hotel, Andhra Pradesh
  • Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd, Karnataka
  • City Heights Homes & Resorts Pvt Ltd, Andhra Pradesh
  • Crystal Residency India Pvt Ltd, Tamil Nadu

List of companies in Hospitality Sector in Central India

  • Hotel Arch Manor, Madhya Pradesh
  • Hotel Amer Palace, Madhya Pradesh
  • Hotel Royale Ambience, Chhattisgarh
  • Jehan Numa Palace, Madhya Pradesh
  • The Hotel Venkatesh International, Chhattisgarh
  • Hotel Lake View Ashok, Madhya Pradesh

List of companies in Hospitality Sector in West India

  • 7Flags International, Maharashtra
  • Aayush Resort, Maharashtra
  • Alcon Victor Group, Goa
  • Royal Garden Resort, Maharashtra
  • The Gordon House Suites, Maharashtra
  • Ascot Hotel, Maharashtra
  • Previlage Hospitality Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra
  • Fortune Hotel Galaxy, Gujarat
  • BJN Hotels Ltd, Maharashtra
  • China Garden India Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra
  • Hotel Aircraft International, Maharashtra

List of companies in Hospitality Sector in East India

  • Zenith Leisure Holidays Ltd, West Bengal
  • Abnm Restaurant Pvt Ltd, West Bengal
  • Asian Hotels East Ltd, West Bengal
  • Coral Residency, West Bengal
  • Trident Hotel, Orissa
  • Fortune Resort Central, West Bengal
  • Hotel Chrome, West Bengal

Top companies in Hospitality Sector

Some of the top companies in the hospitality sector are Ambient Hotels & Resorts, Incredible Indian Homes, Crystal Residency India Pvt Ltd, Fortune Resort Central, China Garden India Pvt Ltd, Asian Hotels East Ltd, Fortune Hotel Galaxy, Celebrity Boutique Hotel , Gold Star Hospitality Pvt Ltd etc. This is one of the industries which is developing at a fast pace. Many institutes all over India offer various courses that enable aspirants to build up a bright career in the Hospitality Sector.



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