List of Companies in Thermal Power Plant Sector


There are many well known Thermal Power Plants within our country. Thermal power plants are of great importance today. They are the main source of power generation. Here the Rankin cycle is used for the creation of energy from fossil fuels like natural gas, coal and fuel oil etc. We here are going to discuss about the thermal power plants that are located in India.

List of the Major Thermal Power Plants

  • Anpara thermal power station- Uttar Pradesh: This power plant is located in Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh. It is locate adjacent to the banks of the rihand reservoir. Situated around 200 kilometers away from Varanasi, this power plant is easily accessible by rail, air or road. This power station possesses 5 functional units and is installed with a capacity of 500 MW.
  • Bakreswar Thermal Power Project - West Bengal: This is one amongst the most important thermal power plants within India. It is located just 260 Kilometers away from the city of Kolkata. The power plant has 5 functional units that have a total capacity of 1050 MW. Plans for a 6th unit have begun as part of the Eleventh-Five-year Plan period.
  • Panipat Thermal Power Station II: This power plant is located in Haryana and is coal based. The power plant was developed under 4 separate stages and has a total of 8 units. Their installed capacity is 250 MW.
  • Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram Thermal Power Station: This power plant is located in Haryana. The plant functions on coal. The first unit of this power plant was commissioned on the month of April, 2008. The plant now owns 2 units and possesses an installed capacity of around 600 MW.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Thermal Power Station: The Rajiv Gandhi Thermal Power Station is located at Kedar, Haryana. This plant is one amongst the lowest costing thermal power projects in our country. The plant owns 2 units and has an installed power of 600 MW.
  • Kota Super Thermal Power Plant: This power plant is located on the banks of the river Chambal in Rajasthan. This power plant is very much famous for being the first major coal fired station in Rajasthan. This plant is very much well known and has received numerous awards for their productivity. The plant owns 28 units and is installed with a capacity of approximately 1240 MW.

A few of the other major thermal power plants within our country encompass Bokarao Thermal Power Station ‘B’, Durgapur Thermal Power Station, Faridabad Thermal Power Plant, Rajiv Gandhi CCPP, Rajwest Lignite Power Plant (private), Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station and the VS Lignite Power Plant (private). A few others that have equal repute comprise of the Surat Lignite TPS, Tuticorin TPS, Mejia Thermal Power Station and the Kothagudem V stage TPS.



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