List of Postgraduate Courses in Law


PG courses in law enables the student to get trained in a wide variety of skills which involves the collection of data based on the topics they get and on processing it, presentation of the reports on many different idea brought together in a unbiased manner and develop the criteria on which the student focuses on. The needed quality, a big necessity, one requires while applying for this course is an interest and an intense passion for human rights and most importantly a sense of justice. A bachelor’s degree in law is desirable.A sharp mind and keen intelligence along with the capacity to speak out in a firm and strong, but gentle manner will help the candidate pass the course beyond all expectations. PG Courses are available in so many areas inside law like Cyber Law, international trade law, securities and banking laws, patents law, etc.

There are several PG courses in law like:

Postgraduate Degree courses:

  • MA in IP Law
  • Master of law (LLM)

Postgraduate Diploma courses:

  • Post graduation in Administrative law
  • Post graduation in Alternative Dispute Resolution law
  • Post graduation in Corporate law and management
  • Post graduation in Cyber law
  • Post graduation in Environment law
  • Post graduation in Human rights
  • Post graduation in International trade law
  • Post graduation in Intellectual property rights law
  • Post graduation in Labor law
  • Post graduation in Securities & Banking law
  • Post graduation in Tax law

These wide varieties of courses gets the candidate well versed in the options they choose and their knowledge is enhanced further on how to deal with what they face. This will help them put into perspective the case they will come to handle.

There are several PG courses offered by various colleges. These colleges provide certificate courses from one year to sixteen - eighteen months. In every varied subject of the law, diploma courses are offered. This covers a number of institutions across the country. The experience he gains is valuable and innate knowledge of the legal system and its diverse functions gives him a view into the vast horizon of law in an efficient manner.

On completion of the course there is wide range of job options available like they could go in for private practice, or join a law firm. Options such as joining either private or government organisations as legal advisor or joining the defense service are also available. Teaching is also an option available for those interested.



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