List of Postgraduate Courses in Veterinary Science


Veterinary Science is the discipline that deals with diagnosing diseases within birds and animals. It includes methods of treatments and curing such ailments. There are many UG, PG and even diploma courses in Veterinary Science. Various institutions provide diverse programmes in the concerned field. Those who have flair in continuing their education on Veterinary Science can carry on with their research programmes. Aspirants should take due care in selecting the center of study. They should choose among recognized institutions for doing the course. It may help them in acquiring good jobs. The postgraduate programmes in veterinary science are listed below.

List of Postgraduate Courses

  • M.Sc. Animal Genetics and Breeding
  • M.Sc. Animal Husbandry
  • M.Sc. Animal Nutrition
  • M.Sc. Animal Production Management
  • M.Sc. Poultry Production
  • M.Sc. Animal Health and Welfare
  • Master of Veterinary Science
  • Master of Veterinary Anatomy & Histology
  • Master of Veterinary Microbiology
  • Master of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology
  • Master of Veterinary Public Health
  • Master of Veterinary Surveillance
  • Master of Tropical Veterinary Science
  • PG in Veterinary Studies in Small Animal Practice
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Science

Career Prospects

Since people through out the world depend on animals for various needs, it is a necessity to maintain their health too. This is where the importance of a Veterinary doctor come into picture. On completion of the various masters’ programmes in veterinary science, candidates can seek for diverse jobs. There are numerous employment openings coming up day by day for these professionals. They can seek out for career in the public as well as private undertakings. The Veterinarians can work with government animal husbandry departments and domestic farms. They are also required in the various zoos across the country. They can also apply for jobs in veterinary hospitals as a Veterinary doctor. On gaining some experience they can consider going in for private practise. There is need for specialists in various dairy farms, poultry farms etc. There is much scope for these professionals in India and abroad. Emoluments given to the Veterinarians will vary according to their potential and experience in the concerned areas. It is important that the doctors update themselves with the latest findings in this area from time to time.



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