Master of Forensic Bio-Medical Science


The master level course of the forensic Bio-Medical Science is crime scene investigation related course. The course covers subjects such as Bio-Medical Forensic investigation, forensic detailing through Bio-Medical instruments, and other related aspects. The course also utilises state of the art Bio-Medical instruments to find out the forensic behind the case. DNA finger printing as well as X-Ray crystallography also finds applications in this sphere.

The candidate who wants to pursue the course has to attain a minimum of 55% in their Bachelor level degree. The candidate should be a compulsory pass in their Higher Secondary Examination with a compulsory pass in the Computer Science subject at the same level. The candidate from any discipline can pursue this course. However a special privilege is given to the bachelor holder of the same degree.

Courses Outlook:

The course is of two years at the master level. The course duration is for the full time type. The duration of the course varies depending on the nature of the Institute. For the part time type, duration is six to one years.

Job Prospects:

The candidates of master level degree are recruited in different fields such as law enforcement, medical examinee officers, law firms, military, hospital and pharmaceutical laboratories and academics. The Non Government Organizations also under take these candidates under the same area of applications. The course therefore provides vital opportunities to the candidates in different fields.

Best Places to Pursue:

• Pondicheery University
• Gayatri College of Bio-Medical Science
• Bundelkhand University



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