Surgical Technologist - How to become Surgical Technologist?


The role of the surgical technologists is to assist the surgeon during a surgery. They set up the instruments that are needed for a surgery like sterile instruments and equipments and to make sure that all the instruments are working properly. Surgical technologists also help the patients to clean the affected area.

There are two types of surgical technologists. They are stationed surgical technologist and traveling surgical technologist. The stationed surgical technologists find jobs in hospitals where as traveling surgical technologists get a job in the traveling facility. The career of a surgical technologist is very satisfying if he knows how to do the work with perfection.

Qualifying Exam

For those who have passed the 10th standard examination can enroll to the certificate or diploma courses in surgical technology according to the candidate’s wish.

The candidates those who have passed the 12th board examination are eligible to take up the degree or certificate course in surgical technology.

Who is eligible to apply?

The basic requirements that are needed to enroll for the course of a surgical technologist is the successful completion of plus two in science stream. The candidates have to possess a minimum of 50% marks for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for the 12th standard board examination.

Key Elements in the Process

  • The aspirants can evolve into a surgical technologist by formal training programs. This helps in obtaining a degree, diploma or a certificate.
  • The program includes classroom sessions and clinical experience.
  • The course in surgical technology includes subjects such as pharmacology, microbiology, professional ethics, physiology etc.

Skills Required for a Surgical Technologist

The surgical technologists have to understand what the doctors, patients and nurses are telling them. Surgical technologists have to be very keen with their work. He/She should possess very strong problem solving skills as they have to face several complications during the surgery. The portfolio of the surgical technologist should also have split second decision making skills. He should also possess the ability for critical thinking. Apart from all these skills, a surgical technologist should have a sound base in mathematics as well as science as the dosages with medicines include mathematics.



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