Difference between Medical Writer and Medical Technologist


The Medical Technologist and Medical Writer are diverse professions in the field of medicine. Though both the professions sound similar in certain respects there exist certain differences between them. Those who are involved in testing blood, bodily fluids or other biological samples in clinical pathology labs comes under Medical Technologist. They are also involved in analyzing and evaluating the test results of the experiments conducted.

The responsibility of the medical writer is to create reports or documents on clinical and scientific information related to medical or other health care topics. Relevant skill sets and knowledge in medical terminologies are required for both the professionals to become successful in their career.

Medical Writer Courses and Job Opportunities

Most of the firms insist graduation in any stream of life science as the basic qualification required for the job profile of Medical Writer. Knowledge in areas of basic human anatomy and physiology are also desirable to get in to such a job profile. They should also possess sufficient skills in technical writing and in word processing. These professionals are mostly employed in pharmaceutical companies and in contract research organizations. They can also work in communications agencies offering information on medical topics.

Medical Technologist Courses and Job Opportunities

Graduation in any of the streams of clinical laboratory science, medical technology, or allied health technologies is necessary to become a Medical Technologist. They should possess adequate skills in laboratory techniques and in maintaining and calibrating the equipments used for the process. They can seek employment in medical laboratories and in hospitals. These professionals can also find job openings in laboratory section of various health care centers.

Key differences between Medical Writer and Medical Technologist

  • The main responsibility of Medical Technologist is to carry out scientific tests on biological samples and to evaluate the results to determine its biological composition. The main job responsibility of medical writer is to communicate medical information to others in wide variety of formats.
  • The bachelor degree in clinical laboratory science, medical technology, or allied health technologies is necessary to become a Medical Technologist where as bachelor degree in life science or mere graduation with experience in the medical field is essential to become a Medical Writer.
  • The Medical Writer should possess better writing and word processing skills where as a Medical Technologist should be proficient in laboratory techniques.

The Medical Technologist is usually employed in medical laboratories and in hospitals where as Medical Writer can find job opportunities in pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and communications agencies.



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