MPT in Neuro


Master of physical therapy is a highly reputed and an off track course. This course has recently gained so much of popularity. Probably that is the reason that the demand of this course in the education market has risen suddenly. The course, that is MPT in Neuro, is a bit off stream and is quite uncommon. The demand of these course pursuers is quite high and hence has a wonderful job prospects.

Under this course one is taught the various ways and methods by which one can treat or rather say benefit a person suffering from some neurological or spinal disorder. The course includes a detailed study of various parts and the effects of methods on the parts as well as its further affect on the body. Since nerves and spines are some of the delicate areas of the body, hence the course contains detailed study of everything and tries to bring the utmost perfection possible in the students.

One requires being at least a graduate in order to be eligible for this course. The graduation certificate or the degree should be in a well recognized stream and from a recognized educational institute or university.

Course outlook:

The course duration of MPT in neuro generally varies from college to college and universities to universities. Some universities offers this course with time duration of 2 years and many prefers this course to end in just one year. The course is available both in part time as well as full time.

Job prospects:

There are plenty of jobs for these degree holders in the market. One can work in various fitness clinics or can even open their own one to treat the people suffering from disorders.

Best Places to pursue:

Mumbai University

Sikkim Manipal University



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    sir,i want to do mpth in neuro from best college,so it is better to do from india or abroad ? pls tell me the top universities in abroad for persuing mpth in neuro?should we do pg immediately after bpth or should we do observership first and then pg

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    sir/madam i want to persue M.P.T in top college and i kindly request u to send the information about cardio and neuro sciences among these branches which one is the best and which branch has got the more appourtunity for jobs

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    can u please give any links for the previous MU-OET papers ?

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    Can you please provide any links that could give me some sample papers of MU-OET?

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    i just want to know the date of entrance exam