Mumbai University, BE in Instrumentation, 3rd Sem., Electrical Network Papers


Mumbai University, without doubt, is the best premier University in India. Courses regarding science, arts and engineering are offered by the university. B.E in Instrumentation is offered as a part of the engineering programme. The students of this course learn Electrical network during and need to undergo its exam at the close of the semester.

Information of the subject

This is the most important paper for B.E instrumentation students. The subject deals with networks that are constructed with various semi conductor circuits. Focus is given to the circuit diagrams of various networks and the way in which they function.

Mode of the paper

A total of seven questions are printed in the paper. The paper is not divided into any sections. Each question contains at least two sub questions. Apart question 1, none of the questions are compulsory. The candidates have to answer four questions excluding question 1. There is no option of internal choices within a question.

Time allotment and marking scheme

The maximum mark that a candidate can secure is 100. To pass a candidate needs to score a minimum of 40%. All questions carry Equal marks and mark of sub questions vary depending on the number of questions present in a main question. Answering the paper has to be done in three hours.

Books to be read

Here is a list of books that will help you to master the subject with ease:

•    Electrical Networks by Ravish Singh
•    Electrical network: Theory and Analysis by Choma John
•    Electrical circuits and networks by Jaydeep Chakravarthy
•    Electrical Energy Networks by R.K Choudary.

Tips on answering the paper well

If you have any notion to score well, the best way is to master the contents of the syllabus and then make use of previous year question papers.

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