PTU B. Tech ECE-3rd Sem-Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation (EC-203) Papers


Punjab Technical University (PTU) is very well known for its engineering courses and great faculty support which they offer to the students. They also have blissful infrastructure with laboratory facilities, which makes the study even more practical and interesting. There are more than 250 affiliated colleges under the banner of PTU which offers the course of engineering to the under graduates.

Paper Description:

Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation is an important subject for the students perusing engineering in the trade of Electronics and Communication (ECE). This subject focuses on the theoretical aspects and principles of various kinds of measurements such as thermal, mechanical and electrical.

Frequently asked questions:

Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation covers a huge range of syllabus and have many important areas from where questions come. Some of such highlighted topics and important questions are:

What are the advantages of LCD displays over LED displays?

Questions are asked from architecture, diagram and working of Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.

Telemetry section covers fair marks of this paper. Important questions of this section are, architecture of telemetry system, distinguish between a.c and d.c telemetry systems, basic components of telemetry, etc.

Explain the working principle of digital tape recorder.

Working and uses of a wave analyzer, electronics d.c volt meter, and electronics multi meter, etc.

Paper pattern:

Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation paper is formed of three sections, i.e. Section A, B and C.

Section A consists of ten short answer type questions. Each question of this section holds 2 marks and this compulsory for the students to attend. Section B comprises of 5 to 6 long answer questions from which the students need to go for 4 questions. Each question of this section has five marks and the total section hold 20 marks. The final section has 3 questions under it and comprise of a total of 20 marks with each questions having 10 marks. These are mainly short notes or numerical or essay type questions.

The entire paper holds 60 marks and the time allotted to complete it are 3 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation by R. K Rajput
  • Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation- Uptu (3rd Edition) by J. B Gupta
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