Mumbai University, BE in ECE, 3rd Sem., Digital System Design-I Papers


Mumbai University is one of the best universities in the country. The university is particularly known for the courses that it provides with regard to engineering. Even students from other countries come to the university to pursue various courses.  The university offers BE in Electronics and communication and the students of the course during the 3rd semester of the exam have to study Digital system design 1 and have to answer the exam at the end of the semester.

Subject description

This is a very important subject as far as Electronics and communication students are concerned. The subject is all about the computer digital systems that we see every day and their use in the field of communication. The subject also focuses on designing new devices. This is a subject with a lot of practical importance.

Pattern of questions

The paper is totally descriptive. There are no objective questions in the paper. The question paper consists of a total of seven questions and five of them have to be answered by the candidates. Question 1 is compulsory and has to be answered by all the candidates. From the remaining n six questions, the candidates have to answer four questions. All the questions consist of sub questions and all the sub questions within a question have to be answered. There is no option of internal choices.

Maximum time allotted

The candidates are allotted three hours for answering the paper. No extra time will be allotted. At the start of the exam, the candidates will be provided 15 minutes for reading the questions. The total mark of the exam is 100 and 35% is required for passing.

Recommended books

It is good to take a look at the following books:

•    Digital system design  using VHDL by Charles H. Roth
•    Digital system design by Peter Y. Chetung

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    Prakash singh:

    please sugest me that I Am 30yrs. old, and complite i.t.i.(n.c.v.t.) In electrician & diploma in electronics from govt institute. can i do or equielent course regular or coresponding ?
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    Surekha Deore:

    What are atkt rules of mumbai university to get admission in second year engineering?