WBUT, CSE, 8th Sem., Industrial Management Papers


WBUT is the acronym of West Bengal University of Science and Technology. Located in West Bengal, the university is coveted by students all over India for the effective way in which it educates students in various streams including engineering. Industrial management is a subject that computer science students study during the 8th semester. When the semester draws to a close, the paper of the subject have to be answered.

About the subject

The subject is a management subject. It is meant make the students understand how to manage a firm once they step into their career life. This is a very important subject for CSE students since they will be working in firms where knowledge in management subjects is essential in future.

Mode of questions

The number of sections in the paper is three. The sections consist of objective questions, short answer questions and long answer questions respectively. None of the sections can be omitted as all of them are compulsory, but within the three sections there is provision for internal choice.

Method of correction and time period

70 is the maximum mark that a candidate can score. 35% is the pass mark. A candidate will not be given more than 3 hours for completing the paper. Before the exam starts, 15 minutes will be provided for skimming through the paper. Each section carries different marks.


Few areas covered by the syllabus are listed below:

•    Human resource management
•    Recruitment and selection
•    Quality management
•    Marketing management
•    Organisational behaviour
•    Halo effect
•    Dimensions of goods and services

Recommended books

Here is a list of books that will help you master the subject:

•    Industrial management by Gs Badra
•    The power of management innovation by Armand V Feigenbaum
•    Effective industrial management by Y.P Singh

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