Mumbai University B.E in Mechanical Engineering 3rd Sem Machine Drawing Papers


Mechanical engineering involves a lot of subjects in its course which is said to be the base of the courses. These subjects are not only important from the subjects point of view, these are also important from the knowledge point of view. One such subject is machine drawing.

Paper description:

As the name suggest, the subject deals with the drawing of various machines. However, the drawing is not a general drawing. Rather it is drawing in which, candidates have to draw some machines in various views as well as per the shape and size of the machines. The drawing is done keeping in mind the various views like top view, side view, vertical view etc. the scale factor of the actual length is also taken into consideration. This is important because before actual construction, one must understand how it is to be made and how it will look like from differeht6 angles.

Frequently asked questions:

Few questions which get repeated every year are ‘Scale factor and its importance’, ‘projectory or trajectory of a bee in the spoke of the tyre’, ‘opening the steel of a cylinder etc’. Various topics that are important from examination point of view are: joints, Pulley, belts etc.

Paper pattern:

The question paper for machine drawing has 7 questions in the paper. Every question is of 20 marks. One can answer any 5 from the 7. But the five answerable questions should have question number 1 in it. In other words, question number 1 is compulsory to be answered. On the other hand, candidates can choose any 4 questions from the remaining 6 questions.

Maximum marks and duration of Time:

The maximum marks one can earn in the subject t is 100 and the time duration given is 4 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Engineering Machine drawing by N.D Bhatt
  • Machine Drawing, By Kamat & Rao.
  • Machine Drawing By,M.B..shah.
  • Machine Drawing by Ajeet Singh (Tata McGraw Hill)
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