PTU B.Tech 1st Sem-Engineering Drawing papers


Engineering Drawing is the paper which is a necessary subject for any engineering course. Students of mechanical and civil should have a good knowledge of this subject. The course gives a base to the students to further gain a command in the designing sector.

Paper Pattern:

Questions in the paper are of subjective type. There are 8 questions in the paper. Question No. 1 is compulsory and rest 5 are to be solved from the 6 questions. Each question is of equal marks. The paper is a practical paper and questions are to be solved using the equipment of engineering drawings. Each question is to be solved with care and attention. Measurement and marking are in mm and first angle projection should be used in solving the questions.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions in the paper are on the practical designs and structure. The paper contains questions on first angle projection, top view, side view, front view, isometric view, hexagonal nut, wing nut etc. Questions are also asked on the given figure using a natural scale. All questions are to be solved neatly and correctly. Measurement should be shown in the figure accurately.

Total marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks which can be awarded in this paper are 60 and time allotted is 3 hours only. Each question is of 10 marks and marks are divided for the accuracy, measurement marking, and angle of projection.

Recommended Books:

  • Engineering Drawing by Agarwal
  • Engineering Drawing by Venugopal
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    PLEASE tell me how can i get max. marks in ED?

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    develop the lateral surface of a 90 degree pipe below.each pipe has a dia of 60mm.max length of one leg of the elbow is 90mm

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    how to draw the parabola& plese give question model

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