NCR Placement Papers


NCR is a major IT based company in the nation and recruits different eligible candidates from different Institutions across the nation. The recruitment process has two stages. The first one is a written test and the second stage is technical and HR interview. Students who are shortlisted after the first round are allowed to sit for the interview.

Division of the paper:

There are two basic sections or division in the paper. Different questions from both of the sections have to be answered by the candidates.

Paper Pattern:

The first sections have seven questions and are all conceptual based. The question belongs to the different concept based subjects such as C, C++ and Data Structure. Questions from the first section are simple and belong to subjects based on predicating the o/p of the question. Few questions from both of the Quantitative Ability as well as Logical Reasoning are offered in the first section. Certain Numerical based question can also be expected in the paper.


Though the total marks of the question varies every academic year, and each question from the first section carries one mark, and each of the question from the second section carries five marks. There are different marks dedicated to each of the question from both of the section.

Time allotted for examination:

The time duration of the paper is one hour and forty-five minutes.

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