NET Home Science (Paper III) Papers


The Home Science Paper III of the National Eligibility test has time duration of two and half hours and with the total number of marks being 200. There are a total of 26 questions to be answered. Most of these questions are essay type or short answer questions. There is an additional sheet attached to the second last paper called the rough work sheet.

All the questions need to be supported with diagrams, tables wherever necessary. You need to make sure that each question is answered point to point. Avoid focusing on the quantity of matter. Rather focus clearly on quality.

It is important substantiate your answers in accordance with the questions in order to garner the most marks. There are four sections in the paper. In the first section, there is a paragraph followed by a few questions. The second section contains 15 questions. The third sections comprises of five questions from each of the electives. The candidate is free to pick one elective and answer all the questions pertaining to that elective. Each of these five questions is of 12 marks and has to be answered in 200 words. There may or may not be internal choice.

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