NET Forensic Science (Paper III) Papers


The paper on forensic paper of National eligibility test has two papers. Paper two is basically a subjective paper where one needs to elaborate on concepts of this particular subject. The National Eligibility test qualifies a person to be a junior research fellow or for teaching positions.

Paper pattern:

The paper is a subjective paper. It has four sections to it and one has to follow the instructions accordingly. Section one has essayed types questions and has two non compulsory questions to be attempted in 500 words. Each question is of 20 marks. Section two contains three questions each carrying 15 marks and one is supposed to answer it in about three hundred words. This section is a compulsory section with no options of choosing questions. Section three contains nine questions of ten marks each and one needs to answer them in around 50 words. The last and final section has five questions each carrying five marks and must be answered within 30 words. All the answers are to be written in the space given for answering as there are no extra answer sheets given.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The time allotted for completing this elaborate paper is 2 and half hours, and the maximum marks obtainable is 200.

Frequently asked questions:

The questions that finds a regular repetition in the papers are from topics like relationships among opium morphine and the respective tests for its identification, the concepts and techniques behind crime scene management and how to apply them in real life situations according to the need of the hour, forgery in handwriting and the concepts of traced forgery and other forms of forgery. Classification of fire arms, tool marks and how various tool marks can be identified and classified is studied in the library.

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