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The term NET stands for national eligibility test. This is the exam for students who have completed their post graduation under any recognized university or institution of the country or abroad. By qualifying this entrance exam they can apply for PhD or teaching jobs at University level. This exam is conduct under the government of India.

Paper description:

The scientific way of acquiring knowledge and determining the behavior as well as the features of human languages is said to be linguistics. The term linguistics can be further classified into three categories or sub parts, on which the study proceeds; namely language form, language meaning and language used.

Frequently asked questions:

There are few questions that are repeated every year. As said earlier that linguistics is the study of human behavior, so it is obvious that there are a wide range of questions that can be asked from this field.

Some important topics to be known are the various languages that are spoken all over the Globe.

What do you understand by endangered language?

What is meant by language acquisition?

Explain Ebonics.

What is the origin of languages and how it helps day to day life?

These are few questions that the students need to keep in mind.

Paper pattern:

National eligibility test on linguistics is an objective paper which consists of a total of 50 questions.  The total marks allotted to this paper are 100. There is a different booklet for questions and another booklet for answers. The candidates will get a detail about how to attempt the questions in the instruction part of the question paper. Each question of this paper consists of 2 marks and all the questions are multiple choice types. The time of completion of the paper is 75 minutes.

The questions come with two languages, i.e. Hindi and English. And the question booklet needs to be returned before leaving the exam hall.

Recommended books:

Linguists & Philologists by Barnes and Noble

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    how we should prepare for paper2 for linguistics ?is there book or coaching avilable for for preparing net exam.