Netaji Subhash Open University, Post Graduate Commerce (Paper 17) Papers


Netaji Subhash Open university offers distance education program in different courses. Post graduate in Commerce Paper 17 is of Management Accounting. It deals with the functions and scope of management accounting, role, and responsibility of Management accountant. In present days, the course is very important as it prepares the student for the different related sector.

Paper Pattern:

Post graduate Commerce paper of Management Accounting is a subjective paper.  The questions asked are theoretical as well as different practical questions and case studies. Questions from Marginal Costing, transfer pricing, management control systems etc. are asked in the paper. The questions are divided into four sections, every section has 2 questions in it and only question is to be solved from every section. Section A and C consists case studies and practical questions whereas others two section has theoretical problems. Marks in the paper are given for the accuracy and relevancy. Marks are deducted for wrong spelling. Good handwriting is also a factor in the paper.

Frequently asked questions:

Netaji Subhash Open University Post Graduate Commerce (Paper 17) Papers consists theoretical as well as practical based questions such as different case studies, questions asked in the paper are based on the practical situations and scenario. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis, Volume-Profit (CVP) analysis, cost management and profitability improvement etc. are the some topics which are asked in the paper every year.  Theories given by the different Specialists, Income tax management are also asked in the paper.

Total Marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks in this Post graduate Commerce Management Accounting paper are 50 and time allotted for this paper is 2 hours. The paper is divided into four parts. Section A and Section C consists 15 marks each and Section B and Section D are of 10 marks each.

Recommended Books:

Management Accounting - M. Y. Khan & P. K. Jain, TMH
Management Accounting principles - R. N. Anthony & T. R. Recce.

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