New Venture of Mechatronics Engineering


Mechatronics engineering is a relatively new field but it is fast emerging as an excellent career option. Mechatronics engineering is a combination of Electronics, Computer engineering, Systems design engineering and Control engineering.

A Mechatronics engineer has a complex job in front of him. He has to combine the principles of electronics, control engineering, mechanics, electrical engineering, molecular engineering and optical engineering. These combinations help to generate more complex and reliable systems. The most common example of a Mechatronics system is an industrial robot. This robot has the ability to do complex jobs and it combines the aspects of mechanics, electronics and computing.

Scope of Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering is the key to the functioning of many industrial applications and manufacturing robots in the production line or the assembly line. Nowadays, production modules are built in such a way, that their mechatronic modules are integrated according to control architecture.

Hybrid systems in Mechatronics include synergy drives, distant planet exploration machines, production systems and automotive subsystems such as anti-lock braking systems and other features.

Applications of Mechatronics Engineering

There are various applications of Mechatronics Engineering. Some of them are:

  • Biomedical Systems
  • Computer Aided and Integrated Manufacturing Devices  and Systems
  • Energy Devices
  • Power Devices
  • Transportation and Vehicle Systems
  • Telecommunication  and Data Communication Networks
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing Systems
  • Computer Techniques in Medical,Bio imaging and Technology Systems
  • Medical Mechatronics systems
  • Consumer Products

Mechatronics offers students an exciting new world of opportunities. One can not only work in Mechatronics field, but also can work in traditional fields like electronics engineering, computer engineering and Mechanical stream. The career opportunities for such graduates are immense. They can seek jobs in government sector as well as private sector. These graduates can seek jobs in a variety of industries ranging from consumer electronics to aerospace, automotive, bio-medical systems, robotics, defense , computer industry, oil & gas and other manufacturing industries.

Almost every manufacturing industry requires the help of Mechatronics engineers. Apart from that, there has been so much research into Mechatronics, that Mechatronics is present in every other industry. We also see that new factories and manufacturing facilities which are being built are completely based on Mechatronics engineering design principles. There is a huge demand for industrial automation. Most of the companies nowadays are being built on complete automation principles. Automating an industrial center requires application of extensive Mechatronics principles and regulations.

So, we can see that there is immense scope in Mechatronics engineering discipline, not only in India, but also in foreign countries.



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    can mechatronic students sit in GET exam

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    Is a mechatronics engineer can get job on the place of mechanical engineer ?

    for only job for mechanical engineer whose priority is more , a mechatronic
    or a mechanic ?

    in usa what chance for mechatronics engineering ?

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    actually i did diploma in mechatronics engg, in jss polytechnic, Nanjangud,karnataka..with one year experience as trainee in B.E.L Bangalore… and alsi i did I.T.I IN FITTER.. give me some suggestions for job opportunity… i need jobs in karnataka .. and mechatronics related company…

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    I have finished my diploma in mechatronics…… and now i am working i need 2 do in mechatronics in correspondence. is this possible. but attending the classes is a tough task 4 me in present suituation……

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    Surendra H Bandekar:

    Am I eligible for B tech in Mechatronics Engineering with 10 + 3Years Diploma in Automobile Engineering and Experience of above 5 years?