Job opportunities after doing Courses in Mechatronics


Post Graduate course in Mechatronics, Bachelor of Technology in Mechatronics Engineering, Master of Technology in Mechatronics, etc are some of the courses in Mechatronics. Those who pursue these courses can find jobs in areas of Industrial Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, etc. Applications of Mechatronics are also found in Health care sector, product design and manufacturing, and so on.

Courses in Mechatronics

  • Diploma in Mechatronics
  • Post Graduate course in Mechatronics (PGM)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics
  • Bachelor of Technology in Mechatronics Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Mechatronics
  • Master of Technology in Mechatronics

Job opportunities after Mechatronics Courses

Scope of Mechatronics courses is wide, since it incorporates elements of Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science and mechanics. Diploma holders in Mechatronics can pursue higher education courses like Post Graduate course in Mechatronics, or Bachelor of Engineering/Technology in Mechatronics. Those who are interested to build up a career can work as Maintenance Engineer or Instrumentation Engineer in automotive industry, manufacturing sector, etc. Manufacturing firms that deals with production of robotic instruments, home appliances, etc are the common recruiters of diploma holders in Mechatronics.

Courses like Post Graduate course in Mechatronics (PGM), Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics, and Bachelor of Technology in Mechatronics Engineering have equal scope in the present job market. These professionals usually get involved in the storage and processing of computerized design data. This computerized design data will be used in the development of robotic devices and associated products. Mechatronics Engineers also involve in development of Robotic Instruments used for surgical applications. Scope of Mechatronics also extends to areas of Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automation and VLSI design. Design Engineer, Product Development Engineer, etc are the common job profiles in which B.E/B.Tech graduates in Mechatronics are employed.

One can expect salary packages in the range of Rs.2 lakh to 4 lakh per annum for such jobs. SAIL, BHEL, BEL, etc are some of the public sector organizations and SRK Corporates, MACHT Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mechatronics Ex Solutions Pvt Ltd etc are some of the private sector organizations recruiting Mechatronics Engineers.

M.Tech/M.E holders in Mechatronics can work in advanced job positions in any of the employment areas mentioned earlier. Apart from this, they can work as Lecturer or Professor in government or self-financing engineering colleges. Further application areas of Mechatronics Engineering include Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing, Biomedical Systems, Vehicle Systems, and so on. M.Tech/M.E graduates in Mechatronics can also work as Research Analyst/Specialist in Space Research organizations like ISRO, VSSC, etc. These jobs can offer candidates salary in the range of Rs. 4 lakh to 7 lakh per annum.



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