Nuclear Engineer- How to become a Nuclear Engineer?


Nuclear engineering is that branch in engineering field which involves the application of breaking down of subatomic particles or atoms/ nuclei based on the principles in nuclear engineering. This field also includes the study about purposes of radiation, nuclear fusion, nuclear safety, effects of radioactive remains or radioactivity, nuclear fuel, etc. Nuclear engineers are the professionals who develop and observe the nuclear radiations or energy mainly in power plants and reactors. They are very creative and analytical professionals. These professionals utilize their knowledge in several researches or experiments that can lead to medical or engineering outcomes. The nuclear engineers’ job responsibilities may vary depending on the industries in which they work. Usually these professionals plan, design, monitor and operates the nuclear plants which produce power.    

Qualifying Exam

To enter in the field of nuclear engineering, one needs a minimum qualification of bachelor’s degree in concerned subjects. The bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering is usually the requirement for entry level job, as nuclear engineers. Those with degree in physics or mechanical or chemical engineering or related field are also recruited for these positions. But many jobs in nuclear engineering field require candidates with master’s degree or doctoral degree in concerned stream of study.

Who is eligible to apply?

To become a nuclear engineer, candidates must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering or concerned field. Students who have successfully finished their higher secondary education or equivalent with PCM and passed the concerned examinations from a recognized board can join for this bachelor’s degree programmes. Many universities and colleges in the country offer this particular branch of engineering at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. To get high designation jobs in this field, they must pursue a master’s degree or doctoral degree in the same.

Key points in the process

  • Study 12th or equivalent with PCM in any reputed schools and obtain good marks in the concerned examination.
  • Join any recognized university or institution which offers undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering or related field and pursue it from there.
  • Search out for the entry level jobs as nuclear engineers and gain experience in this field.
  • Pursue a master’s degree and PhD in the same to enter into good positions in this field.

Skills required for a Nuclear Engineer

The jobs of nuclear engineers are very lucrative as well as very risky also. Since they deal with risky jobs, they need an in-depth knowledge in nuclear physics. Good aptitude and analytical ability are the necessary skills for them. They must have interest in research works also. Besides these, good patience and hard working nature are the significant qualities needed by them.



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