PhD in bio instrumentation


Biological fields are coming up- in the new market with a lot of specifications in the old branches. The consequence is that the courses are coming up in new branches. Thus, the present students have more choices to choose from a wide range of subjects and that too with more specifications. The reason why so many courses are introduced is because the biological fields have been greatly explored and in order to get the things in detail, and in more depth, the requirement of a specific course becomes quite high. That is why new and specific course have come in to the market. Bio instrumentation is one such branch.

Bio instrumentation deals with the topics that deal with those instruments that are applied in the biological operations. We all are aware of the fact that biology too, uses a lot of instruments for the studies and the science that specifically deals with the study of these biological instruments are Bio Instrumentation. Under this course basically one understands the various high profile mechanisms that are used in biological appliances and also includes the study of the principle on which they work. The courses are getting very popular day by day. That is the reason that various level course is introduced in this course. PhD in Bio instrumentation is a very high level course.

In order to be eligible for the course of PhD in Bio instrumentation, one requi9res a post graduate certificate. The certificate should be of a well recognized institute.

Course Outlook:

The course duration of PhD in Bio instrumentation is not certain. The course ends when the thesis of the students gets compete and gets approved by the concern professor. As soon as it gets approved, the course ends.

Job Prospects:

One can be readily absorb in companies dealing with biological instruments. Also one can choose research or teaching profession after completion of this degree.

Best Places to Pursue:

Jadavpur University

University of Delhi

Bombay University



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