PhD in Horticulture with specialization in pot-harvest technology plant pathology, and landscaping and floriculture


The course is altogether formatted to make a candidate capable of implementing the diversified skills and knowledge of horticulture technology and science to the horticulture production systems. The program is a complete package, for rendering a sound knowledge of plant pathology, pot harvest technology, landscaping and floriculture to the candidates.


The eligibility criterion calls for the possession of degree of M .Sc and the thesis in research in the partial fulfillment of the said discipline. However, there are few special requirements which are raised as per the criterion of different institutes.

Course Outlook:

The course is meant for duration of two years and the students are responsible for the submissions of enormous number of projects and research works during this session.

Job Prospects:

There are an enormous number of job profiles for the candidates with a M. Sc degree in horticulture, and that too with specialization in pot harvest technology, plant pathology, landscaping and floriculture. The minor ones are enlisted as the posts of training associates and organizer, in many of the centers all over India. The candidates, after succeeding in few examinations can also render his services as scientist. Various agricultural colleges and universities employ such candidates as assistant lecturer, lecturer, associate or reader.  There are also many research centers all over India, which renders employment opportunities to such candidates.

Best Places to Pursue:

Annamalai University

Institute of Horticulture

Swami Keshawanand Rajasthan Agriculture University

College of Agriculture, Bhubaneswar, Hissar

College of Horticulture

Carey Institute of Technology



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