Physiotherapist - How to become a Physiotherapist?


Physiotherapists are individuals who treat the psychological, physical, emotional well being of people.  They interact with the patients, his/her clients, their families etc. Nowadays the science of physiotherapy has reached new heights. There are new facilities available for the practitioners to gain the necessary knowledge, proficiency and attitude. A physiotherapy course comprises of a broad study in the biological, surgical, physical and medical functioning of the human body.  There are many fields in physiotherapy like Cardiopulmonary, Geriatric, Neurological, Orthopedic, Pediatric, Integumentary and Women’s Health etc.

Candidates can specialize in any of these fields after the completion of their course. After the course is completed, candidates could either go for higher studies or find employment in private or Government Hospitals. Starting own clinic is also an option available. To do this, a physiotherapist should have a B.Sc. degree.

The duration of the course is up to 4 years in addition to an internship of 6 months. Physiotherapy courses are offered all over India and abroad. Details on how to become a physiotherapist are given below.

Qualifying exam

Candidates who wish to apply for the course in Physiotherapy must have passed the Common Entrance Test (CET). B.Sc Graduates are eligible to apply for the Common Entrance Test. Once they have passed this entrance examination, they can go for the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course (BPC)

Who is eligible to apply?

Candidates should be citizens of India. The basic qualification required for the admission into the BPC is a pass in class XII or equivalent with PCB and English. A minimum of 50% marks should be scored in all of these subjects. Candidates must be atleast 17 years of age at the time of applying.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

The questions of the exam will include topics like Human Anatomy/Physiology, Pathology, Surgery, Clinical Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Medicine, Orthopedics, Sports medicine etc. So, the candidates must be very familiar with subjects like this. The aspirants can also take mock exams. This will help them time themselves. At the time of interview, they must make sure that they answer to the point.



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    I have passed 12 class with 80% of marks.i would like to become a pyhsiotherapist .is a’m eligible to become a pyhsiotherapist

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    when is the common entrance test (CET) for physiotherapy ????

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    Hi, I am a B-COM graduate with secon class. I want to become a physiotherapist. Can you please guide me if its possible.

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    ninotshka dias:

    hi, i am an arts graduate and i am looking to change my career . i want to do a bachelors in physiotheraphy but i am not sure how to go about it. please provide me with the details from where i can do the CET to doing the full term course in bachelors of physiotheraphy. i have aked this question many many times bhut have not received a reply.
    your promt reply would be most appreciated.
    my email add is [email protected]

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    im intreasted in physiotherpy
    so i had this doubt in my head that instead of giving the common entrence test(CET) can i not directly get into bachlors in physiotherpy course (BPC)?