What Next after Bachelor of Physiotherapy?


After completed their Bachelor of Physiotherapy, candidates would be expected to aware of the role of physiotherapists, who help patients to recover from a state of incapacity because of hereditary defects or due to illness caused as a result of some unforeseen events like accidents. Therefore, candidates with a degree in Physiotherapy supposed to be well-aware of the human anatomy and the intricacies of nerves, muscles and bones.

Professionals in this field will have to develop a rapport with patients and they should communicate with their relatives as well regarding their condition. Qualified physiotherapist should possess very good interpersonal skills inclusive of being empathetic. Patience is highly essential to succeed as a physiotherapist and since they will have to work with doctors, they should be organized and ability to work systematically is highly essential.

In addition, physical strength and manual ability are also required. After completion of Bachelor of Physiotherapy course (BPT) or during their final year of the course, many students get a doubt as to what to do after completion of the BPT course? Here are the details on what next after BPT:

Higher studies after Bachelor of Physiotherapy:

Completion of BPT course offers manifold opportunities for higher studies since candidates with this graduation can go for Master’s degree in Physiotherapy (MPT) from an Indian University or they can also take up PG degree in Physiotherapy from foreign countries like New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and USA. In addition to this, they can select PG courses like:

Master of Science in Anatomy

Master of Science in Physiology

Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Science

Master of Business Administration (Hospital Administration)

Master of Sports Physiotherapy

For candidates, who wish to go for MPT course, they have wide range of specialization options like:


Cardio-pulmonary Physiotherapy

Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy

Cardiothoracic physiotherapy

Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Specialties

Community Rehabilitation

Job prospects for Bachelor of Physiotherapy holders:

When it comes to practicing as physiotherapist in India, referral practice and contact practice can be followed. Investment required for setting up of a clinic for physiotherapy would be meager, but candidates with this degree can enjoy a huge potential by setting up of their own clinic. Above all, physiotherapy department is becoming part and parcel of most of the hospitals these days and therefore scope of job opportunities for these professionals has increased substantially in the recent years.

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of fitness and so rather than going for non-scientific and unprofessional methods of training, they believe that a professional physiotherapist can offer them a tailor made fitness program thereby offering job opportunities for physiotherapists. In addition to starting their own clinic and getting job opportunities in hospitals, physiotherapists can also find job opportunities in the following areas:

Rehabilitation centers

Retirement homes

Research centres

Maternity clinics

Gymnasium or health and fitness centres

Special schools

Physiotherapy colleges

Job titles BPT Graduates can find:

BPT graduates can find job opportunities in the organizations working under the afore-mentioned areas and these professionals are normally appointed in the following job positions:


Research Assistant

Chief Physiotherapist after gaining some years of experience

Therapy manager

Sports Physio Rehabilitator


Physiotherapy can be a rewarding profession and in the present technologically developed world new robotic and rehabilitation techniques are being developed and therefore candidates with a degree in physiotherapy should be ready to learn new techniques in treating their patients and keeping themselves updated can be helpful for them to shine in this competitive world. Therefore, candidates taking up this field need not worry about their future job prospects.



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