PTU B.Tech Civil Engineering 3rd Sem-Fluid Mechanics-I (CE-203) Papers


Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar was established for the elevation of Technical Education. The University has various branches of Engineering like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Instrumentation, Computer Science, Information Technology etc., offered by various colleges under this University.

Civil Engineering is a very vast subject and students pursuing this course have to put into lots of effort. Students have to go through lots of subjects in due course of their training. A compulsory subject for any student pursuing Civil Engineering in a college affiliated to PTU is Fluid Mechanics-I (CE-203).

Division of the paper

With 100 marks in theory and 50 marks in lab allotted to this subject, it certainly is an important one for any Civil Engineering student. Out of the 100 theory marks, 60 are allotted for to the external examination while 40 to internals.

The external examination paper is divided into three sections each comprising of 20 marks.

Attempting all questions in Section A is compulsory for the student whereas he can choose to leave out one question each in Section B and Section C.

Marking Scheme and Paper pattern

The marks even though are divided equally among the sections, the marks allotted to each question differs. In section A there are short answer questions with of two marks each, whereas Section B has four 5 mark questions to be attempted. The maximum mark is allotted to a section C question with 10 marks for each one. Questions are to be answered according to the marks allotted to them.

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