PTU B.Tech Civil Engineering 3rd Sem Building Materials Papers


In the 3rd Semester of B. Tech Civil Engineering course, you will learn about Building Materials. Most often it has been seen that materials plays an important part in the construction. If the materials used are not good enough then the building will surely fail to stand. However, the entire paper is divided into 2 different pars, one is Internal and another one is External. The Internal part carries 40 marks, whereas the external paper consists of 60 marks, when summed together it totals to 100 marks.

The various things which are taught in this paper are Building Stones, where various general things are taught about the building stones. It also teaches about the various qualities about good building stones, as well as various things about stone decoration. On the other hand, there is a segment for bricks also where you will learn about the consistent of bricks, about the qualities of a good bricks, as well as you will also be learning about the various types of fire burnt bricks, all about its strengths, absorption as well as the weathering bricks. You will also learn many hidden facts about Lime as one of the potential building materials.

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