PTU, B.Tech, Production Engineering, 3rd Sem.,-Thermal Engineering (PE-205) Papers


Production engineering students of Punjab University during the 3rd semester of the course have to study thermal engineering. At the end of 3rd semester, they have to write the exam of that subject. As far as production engineers are concerned, this is a very important subject.

Paper pattern

The question paper consists of three sections A, B and c. Section A is compulsory and all the questions in this section have to be answered. Section A consists of ten short answer type questions. Section B consists of five out of which three have to be answered. This section consists of questions which are to be answered in two to three sentences. Section C consists of three question out of which two are to be answered. This section mainly consists of derivations and numerical problems. There are no diagrammatic questions in the paper and there are no questions which require the candidates to draw diagrams.

Marking scheme

The paper is for a total mark of 60. Section A contributes 20 marks. Section B and C are also for 20 marks. When it comes to numerical problems, working need to be shown clearly. Failure to do so will result in penalisation.

Duration of the paper

The paper is of three hour duration. Within this allotted time, the candidates need to finish answering all the questions as per the instructions, Before the start of the exam, candidates will be allotted 15 minutes for perusing the question paper so as to clear any doubts they might encounter by consulting the invigilator. No extra time will be allotted whatever the case may be.

About the subject

The subject is based on physical chemistry topics like thermodynamics. The subject emphasizes on numerical problems and the candidates have to practice working out numerical in order to crack the exam with ease.

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