PTU B.Tech ECE-5th Sem-Pulse and Digital Switching Circuits (PDSC) Papers


The paper of Pulse and digital switching is a combination of the analogue and digital technologies in the communication devices. The paper is all about the knowledge in the field of frequencies and circuits, uses of transistor in a switch.

Which Pattern is followed? :

The paper of Pulse and Digital Switching Circuits contains usually 9 questions in it; those questions are kept in 3 sections for the distribution of marks. Section A contains 20 very short answer type questions which all are compulsory, each of them containing equal marks. Whereas, Section B contains 5 short questions, out of which a candidate is required to answer only 4. Section C consists of 3 Long answer type questions, out of which only 2 needs to be taken up and answered. Each question in group C carries equal marks.

Questions asked often:

Questions asked often are such as relation between 3db frequency and time constant in high pass RC circuit, definition of limiter, application of a Schottky diode, effect of bypass capacitor on bandwidth of amplifier, relation between bandwidth and rise time of an amplifier, reverse biased condition, advantages of using parallel clipper over series clipper, definition of free running multi-vibrator, response of high pass RC circuit to square wave input voltage, shunt compensation used with basic amplifier,  behaviour of MOS transistor as a switch, effect of diode characteristics on clamping voltage, double differentiator circuit etc.

Tips for the exam:

The paper is full of questions from the previous year’s paper, so those questions should be revised thoroughly. Also, the questions requiring a sketch should be attached with it.

Marks Assigned:

There are 60 marks to be scored.

Time Allotted:

Time allotment for the paper is 3 hours.

Best Books to study:

Pulse & Digital Switching Circuits by J B Gupta

Pulse & Digital Switching Circuits by S. K. Kataria

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