PTU B.Tech ECE-5th Sem-Analog Communication Systems (EC-301) Papers


The Punjab Technical University was established in the year 1997 with a vision to implement a higher stratum of education to all the section of the society, and over the year has been very successful in achieving the same.  PTU has various engineering streams to offer to the students.  

Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the most sought after disciplines and lots of candidates opt for this stream.  Analog Communication Systems is an important part of ECE curriculum and is taught in the 5th Semester.

Outline of the paper

The paper is basically divided into three different Sections, namely Section A, Section B and Section C.

Pattern of the paper:

The paper has a pattern like all of the rest papers in the University. There are a total of ten short answer based question in the first section. Candidates are advised not to answer each of these questions in more than two or three sentences. The second section carries a total of five main questions, and candidates have to attempt any four. In the last, the third section offers a total of long answer based questions, and candidates are expected to answer any two.

Markings in the Paper

The total mark offered by the paper is sixty. Each of the section carries a maximum of twenty marks. Each of the questions in the first section carries two marks, in the second section carries five marks and in the third section carries ten marks.

Time allotted for the examination:

The maximum time allotted for the examination by the University is three hours.

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