PTU B.Tech ECE-4th Sem-Analog Electronics (EC-202) Papers


Punjab Technical University was established in 1997 and is fulfilling its aim of providing quality technical education. The university has close to 300 colleges as its associates and has been a trend-setter in providing education to Engineering, Management and Pharma students. There are more than 2.5 lakhs students shaping their career at PTU. Analog Electronics is one of the most important subjects which is offered to B. Tech students of ECE branch.

Division of paper:

Analog Electronics teaches a student about basic electronic circuits and related terminology. This paper forms the basis of Electronics and Communication engineering. The whole paper is divided into three sections. The maximum mark of this paper is 60. The paper is of 3 hours duration.

Paper Pattern and Marking Scheme:

The whole paper consists of both theoretical and numerical questions. The first section, that is, Section A of this paper contains 10 questions, all of which are compulsory. These questions are short questions and contain 2 marks each. Section B has 5 questions. A student must answer any 4 questions from this section. These are 5 marks questions. The questions in this section are explanative type. Section C has 3 questions out of which a student should only attempt only 2 questions.  The questions carry 10 marks each. Each of them consists of 2 to 3 short questions.

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    I am student of b-tech EcE 1ST year .my age is goes 18 (19 augst 12). I want to become passenger pilot.. What can i do . Plz suggest me..