Reference Books for GATE (Textile Engineering and Fibre Science)


Textile Fibres, fabric manufacture and fabric structure, yarn manufacture, yarn structure, textile testing, dyeing, printing, finishing, etc are the main topics included under the syllabus for GATE (Textile Engineering and Fibre Science). Other than this, candidates can expect question on engineering mathematics which is common for all streams. Reference books such as Engineering Mathematics by Lazpathroy, Higher Engineering Mathematics by Ramana B.V, Spun Yarn Technology by Oxtoby and Principle of Textile Testing by J.E. Booth can be used for exam preparation.

Reference Books for Engineering Mathematics

  • Numerical Method by Jain & Iyenger
  • Quantitative Aptitude by S. P. Gupta & P. K. Gupta
  • Set Theory & Algebra by Vikash Rahi , Das & Gupta
  • Textbook of Engineering Mathematics by Dutta Debashis
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Kreyszig E
  • Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics by James G
  • Differential calculus by I.A. Meron, Lalji prasad
  • Engineering Mathematics by Lazpathroy
  • Higher Engineering Mathematics by B. S. Grewal
  • Higher Engineering Mathematics by Ramana B.V
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning by A. K. Gupta
  • Arihant Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
  • Complex Variable by Murray R. Spiegel
  • Discrete Mathematics by Kolman & Bussy
  • English Reading Comprehension by Anjani A Gupta
  • Graph Theory by Kolman and Bussy
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Potter M.C, Goldberg J.L and Aboufadel E.F
  • Higher Engineering Mathematics by Grewal B S
  • Integral calculus by I.A. Meron
  • Linear Algebra by Murray R. Spiegel
  • Probability & Statistics by Murray R. Spiegel, S.K.Gupta & Kapoor
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R. S. Aggarwal
  • Test of Non Verbal Reasoning by Anjani A Gupta

Reference Books for Textile Engineering and Fibre Science

  • An Introduction to Warping and Winding by Dr. M. K. Talukdar
  • Chemical Technology of Fibrous Materials by K. Sadovby  Matetsky & Korchagin
  • Cotton doubling and twisting by Wakefield and Son
  • Cotton Weaving by V Goordev
  • Dyeing & Chemical Technology of Textile Fibres by E. R. Trotman
  • Fibre Science and Technology by S.P.Mishra
  • Handbook of Fibre Science & Technology Vol-I by M. Lewin
  • Introduction to Textile Fibres by H. V. Sreenivas Moorthy
  • Introduction to textiles by M. Joseph
  • Introduction to Texturisation by R.S. Gandhi
  • Man-made fibres by Moncrieff
  • Modern Preparation & Weaving Machinesby  A. Ormerod
  • Physical Properties of Textile Fibres by W.E. Morton & J.W.S. Hearle
  • Principle of Textile Testing: J.E. Booth
  • Processing of Man-made Fibres by Usenko
  • Production of synthetic fibre by A.Vaidya
  • Recent Advances in Spinning Technology by Salhotra
  • Spun Yarn Technology by Oxtoby
  • Technology of Dyeing by V.A.Shenai
  • Technology of Textile Processing by V. A. Shenai
  • Textile Fibre by V. A. Shenai
  • Textile Mathematics by J. E. Booth
  • Textile Testing by Angapan
  • Textile Yarn by B. C. Goswami
  • Textured Yarn Technology by Monsanto
  • The Institute of Technology by Szaloski
  • Warp Sizing Mechanism by Ramsbottom
  • Weaving Calculation by Sengupta

Other than this, e-books can also be used for exam preparation. Text Books for GATE exam can also be referred for study.



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