Difference between Textile engineer and Fashion designer


Textile Engineering involves the application of scientific methods and principles in diverse aspects of textile industry. A Textile Engineer applies engineering principles in design and manufacture of Textile and fiber products, and in design of machinery, equipments and tools used in Textile industry. Fashion designer is one who designs clothes, shoes and other allied accessories. They research and analyze the changes in the lifestyle of individuals around the world to develop new trends in fashion designing.  Though both these profiles are different in various aspects, both these job profiles can offer enormous career openings in both India as well as abroad.

Textile Engineering Courses and Job Opportunities

The basic requirement to get a job as Textile Engineer is to undergo a Bachelor Degree of Engineering in the same. Apart from educational qualifications, candidates must possess skills in designing and developing new innovations in textile industry. Higher degree programs like M. Tech or M.E in Textile Engineering and PhD programs in the same area also available in Textile Engineering. These professionals can find lot of job openings in designing, manufacture, quality check and in marketing of textile and allied products. Job opportunities arise in both handloom as well as mechanized sections of textile industry. Highly qualified candidates can enter managerial job positions in corporate sector and as tutors in educational fields.

Fashion designing Courses and Job Opportunities

Several Certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered in the field of Fashion designing. The diploma course in Fashion designing can be considered as the minimum qualification required to start a career in fashion designing. They can find enormous job opportunities with companies which are involved in marketing of clothes and in designing firms. Profound skills and experience are required by candidates to be successful as a fashion designer.

Key differences between Textile engineer and Fashion designer

  • The job profile of textile engineer is not restricted to a particular aspect in textile industry. They deal with diverse applications of science in design, production and maintenance of textile products. The job of a Fashion designer is restricted to the specific area of coming out with new designs in clothes, shoes and so on.

Fashion designers should possess creative and artistic approach in their work where as Textile Engineers should be more exposed to technical aspects of their job.



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